We sell and export used cars and auto-parts to over 50 different countries. Our main operation, used vehicle export, marked 1000+ vehicles as its monthly at our headquarters in Yokohama, we operate from purchasing of inventory, exporting the merchandises and taking care of our customers by over hundred employees using many different languages every day. Founded in Yokohama Since 1983, This company was among the top in Japan to offer used cars for international export.

NCT JAPAN is the Leading Used Car Exporter in Japan

NCT JAPAN has been in the used car exporting business for over a decade and we have become the leading name in the used car export business. We have exported over three hundred thousand vehicles to more than 120 countries since 1983. We are committed to always providing high quality, mechanically certified good-conditioned and low priced vehicles.

High Customer Satisfaction Rate

With our easy, convenient and speedy buying process and excellent customer-service with low-price and high quality vehicles, our customers are satisfied on their buying experience with us, which keeps our repeat customer rate to at least 90%. At the end, our customers are happy and say: "if we will import cars will only buy car from you."

Large Selection of Low-Priced and Quality vehicles.

We always provide a large selection of Low-priced and quality vehicles from auctions, our stock, private and individual dealers. We have the best prices in the market because we buy in low price and quality vehicles from different sources allowing us to minimize our pricing, plus we have the best car purchasers in our team, making sure we are finding and buying the best quality vehicles at the lowest prices from domestic car dealers, car owners and from vehicle auctions throughout Japan.

Fastest, Reliable, Safe Shipment!

Creating the structure of exporting quality vehicles from the main ports of both the Western and Eastern Japan, covering both sides of Japan have allowed NCT Japan to attain a cheaper & faster, reliable and safe shipment to your country and to the world.